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    Butane Fuel Cartridge, 8 Oz

    Butane fuel cartridges are long-lasting, working for either two hours on a high setting or four hours on a low/simmer setting in a portable stove. They have an added odorant for scent detection and added safety. Their universal design works with all stoves and culinary torches that accept 8-ounce cartridges.

    Butane Stoves, 15,000 Btu, Piezoelectric Ignition, 13 X 11 X 3.75

    Compact design with carrying case for easy transportation and storage. Ideal for omelet station. Stylish stainless steel design. Adjustable flame makes it easy to control the temperature while cooking. Piezo electronic ignition with safety lock and automatic safety shut-off sensor for added safety.

    Chafing Fuel Can With Stem Wick, Methanol, 6 Hour Burn, 1.89 g, 24/Carton

    These chafing fuel cans stay cool even when lit, ensuring safe handling. They have a consistent heat output, maintaining food within the temperature safety zone above 141 degrees Fahrenheit, with a maximum temperature of 175 degrees. The replaceable twist cap makes it resealable and reusable. Spill-proof with a reliable six-hour burn time. Ideal for large beverage urns and soup tureens.

    Ethanol Gel Chafing Fuel Can, 170 g, 72/Carton

    Provides optimal heat output. Created to reach and maintain the minimum food holding temperature of 140 degrees fahrenheit. Ideal for food applications because of its reliable, steady burn and is versatile enough to be used with a broad range of equipment.

    Handy Fuel Methanol Gel Chafing Fuel, 2 Hour Burn, 6.7 oz, 72/Carton

    With over 100 years of unwavering reliability, our traditional gel formula keeps food hot and in the safe serving zone. Recommended for chafing dishes and hot boxes. Safe for indoor and outdoor events.

    Handy Wick Chafing Fuel, Methanol, 4 Hour Burn, 4.84 oz Can, 24/Carton

    Handy Wick® chafing fuel cans stay cool even after lit to ensure safe handling. With their handy twist cap, they are easily resealable and reusable. They provide a reliable burn time with a maximum temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit. They come in safe, spill-proof packaging and are ideal for large beverage urns and soup tureens.