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    7920000610038, SKILCRAFT All-Purpose Scrub Brush, White Nylon Bristles, 3" Brush, 1.25" Nylon Bristles, Plastic Block

    Sturdy scrub brush is ideal for cleaning kitchen utensils, vats, pots and pan. Features a durable molded plastic block with one and one-quarter inch nylon bristles. The five-inch fingertip handle offers a good grip and comes with a round hole for easy hanging.

    7920002433407, SKILCRAFT Floor Sweeping Brush, Black Tampico/Polyester Bristles, 18" Brush, Wood Handle

    Semi-soft sweeping brush is ideal for sweeping smooth interior wood, concrete or tile floors. Will not scratch floors. Block has acme threaded staff holes to accept a H-B-651 handle (sold separately).

    7920002644638, SKILCRAFT Floor Sweeping Brush, Black Polypropylene Bristles, 30" Brush, Hardwood Handle

    High grade floor sweep is ideal for all smooth, hardwood and fine floor applications. Hardwood block set with durable polypropylene bristles.

    7920002691259, SKILCRAFT Stainless Steel Brush, Stainless Steel Bristles, 10.5" Brush, 10.5" Tan Plastic Handle

    Scrub away paint, rust and acid stains with this steel-wire brush designed for cleaning stainless steel, monel or aluminum. Sturdy stainless steel bristles.

    7920002915815, SKILCRAFT Wire Deburring Brush, Black Carbon Steel Bristles, 6.75" Brush, 13.5" Tan Plastic Handle

    Scrub away paint, rust and acid stains with this steel-wire brush. 1 durable carbon steel, arranged in 4 x 18 rows. Integral curved handle for easy grip.

    7920007725800, Skilcraft, Sanitary Brush, 14" Handle, Black

    Easy reach design for cleaning wash basins, toilets and bedpans. Curved bowl brush is excellent for getting under the rim. Twisted galvanized wires secure synthetic fiber bristles. Wooden handle.
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