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    5-Inch Chalkboard Eraser, 5" X 2" X 1"

    All-felt noiseless eraser for easy and thorough cleaning. Six strips of high quality wool felt are securely sewn to a firm backing.

    Aluminum Chalk Holder, Silver

    Durable, easy-to-use chalk holder prevents chalk breakage and helps keep hands clean. Features handy pocket clip. Holds standard 3/8" chalk. Includes one piece of chalk.

    Black/White Message Board Set: (1) Bulletin, (1) Bulletin/Chalk Planner, (1) Bulletin/Dry Erase, Assorted Sizes, Black Frames

    Message Board Sets keep it personal and make your style stand out. Each dynamic board set features contrasting textures and colors that bring to light the simplicity of their geometric design. Post reminders, deadlines, messages and notes to illuminate your outlook and brighten up your days! Easy to hang and maintain, each set also includes all accessories: dry erase markers, board erasers, magnets, push pins and wall fixing kits.

    Chalk, 3" x 0.38" Diameter, 6 Assorted Colors, 12 Sticks/Box

    Perfect for writing and drawing on black boards. Draws smooth, clean lines.

    Chalkboard Eraser, 5" X 2" X 1"

    Chalk eraser with six strips of dense eraser felt on strong felt backing for excellent chalk absorption and cleaning power. Safe for daily use on all chalkboard surfaces. Ideal for moderate-use classroom environments and common work spaces.

    Colored Chalk, Assorted Colors, 16/pack

    Chalk is perfect for arts, crafts, hobbies, home and school. Contains bright colors. Non-toxic stick formula for added convenience. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Features less breakage and long-lasting durability.
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