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    Multi-Surface Anti-Static Electronics Cleaner, 8 Oz Aerosol Spray

    Versatile spray cleans all monitor-screen types as well as just about every surface in your office. No-run formula stays where you spray it. Alcohol-free to safely clean all of your valuable electronics: tablets, televisions, computers, smartphones and more. Removes dust and fingerprints while helping to prevent static-charge build-up. Dries streak free. For best results, use with XL microfiber wipes.

    Portable Uv Sterilizer For Mobile Phones, White

    Germicidal UV light eliminates up to 99% of germs and bacteria. Dual UV light sanitizes your device in less than three minutes. Protect yourself and those close to you by sanitizing your phone regularly. Also sanitize other items like your watch, ring, eyeglasses and more. Great to also charge your mobile phones at the same time. 2W Max UV output; 253.7mm UV wavelength. Output: USB + Type-C; Max. 2A. Input: 9V/2A.

    Sterilizer And Wireless Phone Charger, White

    UV sterilization lamp with wireless rapid charge phone charger. Clean, sanitize and recharge at the same time. Sanitizes phones in five minutes. Gentle light for day and night. Anti-overcharge, overcurrent, overvoltage, and short-circuit protection. 5W output power with micro USB interface (fast charger adapter needed to support fast charging).

    Sterilizing Box, White

    High quality UV lamp helps protect your family's health. Not only for the phone, also for small accessories like watches, earrings, masks and more. 360° sterilization eliminates 99.9% dirty stuff. One key operation, timing sterilization. Working Mode: 5 mins - Soft Sterilized; 15 mins - Medium Sterilized; 30 mins. Micro USB cable included to help charge from USB port. Lightweight and portable, great for family, office or outdoor travel. Compact, fashionable and beautiful in appearance and convenient for taking along. 185nm UV wave length. 0.5W Ultraviolet tube. 4 x 0.06W Ultraviolet LED.

    Uv Lamp Lyl-Zxc-U, 3 Prong, 28.7", White

    The Mobile UV Light Room Sterilizer is a portable UVC sterilization lamp used to disinfect both surfaces and the air in any type of room. The lamp is foldable, making it easy to adjust to the appropriate angle for disinfecting any room configuration. This device includes foldable lamp, lamparm adjustment, handle, timer, wireless remote, and built-in 80W ultraviolet sterilization bulb.

    Uv Sterilizer Cabinet, White

    The Artemis UV Sterilizer Cabinet is a multi-purpose tabletop sterilizer that can be used to sterilize and disinfect a wide range of professional and household items. Using a high-power UV-C sterilization bulb, the Artemis UV Cabinet can eliminate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and mold from high touch items. In as little as 15 minutes, high-touch items can be sterilized between uses. Ideal for businesses, dental and medical offices, salons, barbershops and even at home.
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