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    #17 Grand Opening Ultra High Speed Floor Finish, 5 Gallon Bag-In-Box

    Grand Opening Ultra High Speed Floor Finish offers unbeatable floor finish performance, achieving maximum shine with a minimum of six coats. Designed for daily burnishing and an unsurpassed wet look gloss. Dramatic initial gloss creates a powerful first impression. Striking response to daily burnishing for a rejuvenated shine every day. Highly resistant to scuff marks; designed to maintain your floor's appearance throughout the day. Durable finish layers are resistant to wear, even in high traffic environments. PROFUSION Technology uses scientifically blended co-polymers and wax emulsions to deliver the perfect balance of shine and durability. Can be used with propane or electric burnishing.

    (H)Cleaner-Liq-Drn-Buste (12/1Qt) Drain Cleaner

    (H)J-512 Sanitizer Deter G 55 Gal Drum

    (H)LUB 5GAL PAIL 1

    1.5 Oz Wick Bottle Lemon12/Bx

    14-Week Super Block Deodorizer, 20 Lb, Pink, Cherry

    Boardwalk® Super Block Deodorizer is a powerful, solid, 20 lb, air freshening block. The strong deodorizer is ideal for the most unpleasant smelling environments, such as dumpster areas, water treatment facilities, garbage collection areas, elevator shafts, and sewers. The powerful cherry fragrance fights odors up to 14 weeks. Made from pure paradichlorobenzene that’s encased in a mesh sack for hanging.
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